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Who are we really and what do we do, where have we been and what did we think?

Meet The Founder & Creative Director:
William Archer Valenti


About Grateful Diver Scuba

The name Grateful Diver came to William while on a dive trip in Hawai'i. He had been to several spots around the islands and on one particular day was diving the Molokini Crater and Lava Tube off the coast of Maui. He overheard the Divemaster telling a story about how they used to have drop anchor in the crater, and all over the islands, in order to keep from drifting and that dropping anchor would invariably break up some or a lot of coral. He explained that it was Jerry Garcia (lead guitar, vocals and songwriter of the Grateful Dead) who invested money and time to put a group together to build permanent boat moorings around all the popular dive spots around Hawai'i. As a result, boats no longer had to drop anchor, instead they could send a Divemaster down with a rope to tie the boat to the moorings.


As an amazing coincidence, William had been and will always be a die hard fan of the Grateful Dead and, in particular, Jerry Garcia! This event occurred in 2009, more than thirteen years after Jerry Garcia left this mortal coil for the next one. Thirteen years later and thousands of miles away from home and William learns something new and different about his hero! William was already on a path to his Master Scuba Diver certifications and planning to go pro. He decided at that moment that his outfit would be called Grateful Diver Scuba!

Other Stuff That William Does With His Cameras And Creativity

Film, Video and Music ProductionImagica Productions

Still and Motion Photography:Valenti Photography

On Camera:William Archer - SAG/AFTRA Actor

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Imagica Productions Under The Sea

Ever since our Executive Producer achieved his PADI Master Scuba Diver certification... we've had a hard time getting him to do anything on land.

Please visit our partner sites, featuring underwater photography, news and information on marine conservation... and lots of bubbles!

ORCA Foundation 
(The Foundation For Oceanic Research Conservation and Awareness)

Grateful Divers Website

Projects In Development

We are at various stages of concept to completion on the following projects:

ORCA Foundation

A Non-Profit Organization producing documentary films, training and .

Fire At Sunset

We started with a short film, then made a few more and now are turning it into a Feature Film and Web Series.

Cozumel 2010

A fantastic adventure with an old friend in a foreign land.

Key Largo 2010

An adventure with The Living Sea Divers and some great new friends.

West Palm Beach 2010

Day 1 and Day 2 of an Awesome adventure off West Palm Beach, FL.


January 2008 - May 2008 and January 2009 ... My favorite places I've ever been.