Film / Video Cinematography

Current samples filmed with Canon G9, G10 and SD550 cameras with Canon and/or Ikelite Housings and GoPro Cameras


Grateful Diver Video Reel - 3 Minutes


Grateful Diver Video Reel - 10 Minutes


Terrapin Turtles



Samples From The Grateful Diver YouTube Channel

Hawaii White Tip Reef Shark

Hawaii Sea Snake

Shark Alley - West Palm Beach

My Friend Sharkey

Lemon Shark

Wreck Diving

The Cathedral - Maui, Hawaii

The Cathedral Revisited - Maui, Hawaii

Cozumel Drift



Director Of Photography Reel


Newly Remastered
Short Films

Something In The Chocolate Milk Something In
The Chocolate Milk


Chips Oh NO Chips Oh No




Projects In

Omicron Investigations
Omicron Investigations


Coffee Shop Of The Damned
Coffee Shop Of The Damned


The Electric Hummingbird
The Electric Hummingbird



Baptism Of Fire

Tuesday In The Park




In Motion

Not Fade Away
  - Grateful Dead Tribute.

The Music Never Stopped
  -Jam Scene.

Nothing But Footprints
  - PSA Doc.

Not Easily Frightened...
The Amazing Col. Bruce Hampton